100% Buffalo cheese

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Why we create water buffalo milk cheese


Pioneers in the production of aged buffalo cheese, over the years we have extended our range with new products and registered brands. The excellent skills and patents to protect them make our cheeses unique and exclusive. The identity of a farmhouse (fermier) product, together with high hygiene and health standards, allow Quattro Portoni to be recognised on the market, with the management of a zero-mile supply chain with low environmental impact, based on the principles of quality and circular economy.



The typical sweet taste of water buffalo milk, which sets it apart from cow’s milk, gives its products a distinguished flavour, which – as a result of the technical skill and craftsmanship of our master cheese-makers – makes the Quattro Portoni cheeses inimitable. Appreciated in over twenty countries worldwide, these products are recognised as authentic Italian fine food capable of standing out on the market.

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