Blu di bufala

Blu di bufala

Buffalo blue-veined cheese

This is a raw curd blue-veined buffalo cheese having the characteristic parallelepiped shape. It is produced using pasteurised buffalo milk only. It has a dry and grey-amber striped rind. The paste, which tends to be creamy and pale yellow, has varyingly spread blue veins, and some irregular cavities. It has an intense aroma of mature milk and mould. As the cheese ages over time, hints of woodland undergrowth and mushroom develop. The flavour is intense and persistent, which is almost always sweetened by the fatty sensations typical of buffalo milk. It is aged for at least 90 days, but reaches maximum sensory levels of satisfaction with 6-month ageing.

Technical specifications

Blue buffalo milk cheese
Milk used Whole pasteurized buffalo milk
Rennet Liquid calf rennet
Rind type Dry and wrinkled
Paste type Blue-veined
Ageing Minimum 45 days
Shape and dimensions Square, 20 cm side, 12 cm edge height
Weight About 4 kg
Pieces per case 1 o 2
Shelf-life 60 days
Storage temperature From1°C to 6°C

Medal collection

2019Mondial du Fromage (Tours, France), Silver medal
2018/19World Cheese Awards, Silver medal
2017/18World Cheese Awards, Super Gold medal
2017/18World Cheese Awards, World's Best Italian Cheese
2017/18World Cheese Awards, Super Gold medal
2015Mondial du Fromage (Tours, France), Silver medal
2013World Cheese Awards, Gold medal
2013Mondial du Fromage (Tours, France), Gold medal
2012Ranked second among the world’s best cheeses
2012World Cheese Awards, World's Best Italian Cheese
2012World Cheese Awards, Super Gold medal

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