Quattro Portoni

The exclusive qualities of a farmhouse (fermier) water buffalo cheese

Our history

From farming, the core origins of our business in the 1950s and 1960s, up to the radical turning point in 2000 that led to breeding Mediterranean buffaloes for the production of original cheeses, a synthesis between thousands-year old dairy art and prime raw materials: Quattro Portoni has maintained unchanged its aptitude for innovation, its bond with the Bergamo region and with tradition.

In these years of passionate work, we have bred and fed the water buffaloes professionally, and carried out milk processing according to traditional criteria.


The farm

We farm a herd of one thousand Mediterranean buffaloes, 320 of which are dedicated to the production of milk. The breeding is managed directly by Alfio Gritti, partner of Quattro Portoni, a highly experienced and professional veterinary doctor. The buffaloes eat a controlled diet, specifically designed to guarantee excellent health thanks to the forage we produce. The buffaloes are milked in quiet, peaceful areas that promote a serene milking experience for them.

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The dairy

The milking parlour is connected directly to the dairy. With the exception of the milk intended for raw milk products, the fresh milk starts the pasteurisation process.

The thorough and cyclical organisation of the processes, which is carried out by our master cheese-makers, results in approximately fifteen different types of water buffalo cheese. The in-house inspections of the raw material and process and the chemical and organic analyses carried out in accredited laboratories guarantee the high quality of each product.

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The cheese shop

The cheese shop adjacent to the cheese factory and located in the courtyard of the old farmhouse, embodies our bond with our region and frames the daily dialogue we engage in with our loyal customers.

The team of Quattro Portoni

Bruno Gritti

Dairy Director

Alfio Gritti

Breeding Director

Roberta Gritti

The new generation